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Individual Counseling

You might be wondering what will happen, how you will react and whether the experience will be helpful and meaningful to you. This page will highlight some of the benefits you can expect from counseling:

Why Counseling?

These are some of the signs or issues that prompt people to seek counseling:

  • stress or anxiety
  • depression
  • career choice confusion
  • moving to a different country
  • eating disorders
  • family relationship conflicts
  • financial stress
  • grief/loss issues
  • intimacy, committment, or relationship issues
  • identity concerns (e.g., ethnic/racial identity; sexual orientation, spiritual identity)

Typically, people struggle with these kinds of issues internally, mulling them over in their minds trying to sort out possible solutions to their dilemmas. They may talk things over with family members and friends, but sometimes that may not feel like it’s enough.

I am dealing with these issues for over 8 years. Often, the process includes learning new problem-solving or skills, increasing self-understanding, exploring life patterns, and gaining a better sense of how you are influenced by your surroundings. You are responsible of your life. Sometimes responsibility sounds scary and sometimes cheerful. What I know is that many things can be changed to live the life that you want for yourself.

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