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Intuition, Thinking Skills, Action

We are pleased to invite you for the Try Outs of our new intuition and thinking skills trainings. To explore yourself, get support, and just have Fun! Three mornings of insights and learning.

1) The first session is organized primarily to learn more about your Intuition.

2) On the second session we will explore Thinking Skills using the model of “dreamer, critic and realist”.

3) And on the third session we will work on how to put it all in action.

The program consist of three mornings. Each morning starts with a short sharing followed by a lecture, then an active exercise, finishing with an end group discussion to incorporate what we were doing and how to do things in real life. One of our lecture you can find in attached file:

Presentation Thinking Skills

We believe that the basics for proactive work and life for each person are the ability to listen to his or her intuition and to have clear thinking and action skills to get real things changed and done.Knowing these basics helps everybody to get through to a higher level of functioning and being effective.

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